Why "Following Your Gut" Means More to Ciarea Williams

Like many african americans, the things hurting Ciarea on the inside
went undiagnosed or were misdiagnosed until she decided to learn
more about her body. Now she helps others learn.


During the day, Ciarea is a pharmacy technician. During the pandemic, she’s had to take on the added burden of showing people how to swab their nose to test for COVID and administering shots. 

At night, she’s a wife and entreprenuer. More particularly, she’s my wife (grin) and her trade is holistic wellness. That is – she helps people become better versions of themselves through decision-making. She’s a coach.

To that end, she’s often looking for new things to try and offer her opinion on especially herbs, vitamins and other preventative care treatments.

Last night after shopping for vitamins for us, because of course she’s my coach, she discovered one retailer was selling the same vitamin for nearly twice what we’d been paying. “No thank you!” she exclaimed. She shared they also had this other herb whose name I can’t pronounce. “I checked the label. It’s basically peppermint oil combined with some other ingredient that’s used in stuff like Gasex”. The retailer was charging a premium for something she could make with simple herbs. She was outraged. I was…not. 

When it comes to matters of the gut, Ciarea has no temper for withholding information or taking advantage of people’s ignorance. 

“”I checked the label. It’s basically peppermint oil combined with some other ingredient that’s used in stuff like Gasex”

In her teens, Ciarea was misdiagnosed with allergies to acidic fruits and prescribed medications that she and her mother blindly administered without question.

As an adult, after witnessing the dependency and lack of accountability that people develop as they go along for the ride, Ciarea decided to do more…to be more.

She went to a specialist and was tested and treated for what turned out to be food sensitivities to a whole host of other foods, none of which were what she and her mother were informed about earlier. Then, she started figuring out what it all meant. 

Now, she’s a coach. Her efforts are focused on helping others and keeping them informed and involved in their own healthcare. As a health coach, Ciarea works tirelessly to develop ways to support a balanced diet, exercise and mentally stimulating regimen for her client by providing meal prep guides, workout routines and conducting seminars to help foster a better understanding of their health. 

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